As the result of an overarching corporate renaming, our client was handed an avalanche of branding work that had a daunting timeline for completion. One of the biggest challenges the client’s marketing team faced was launching 12 new products in under 90 days. The current product brand managers came from other departments within the company, making them very familiar with the industry and products…but some managers lacked formal marketing and brand training. When the brand managers met with the marketing team to discuss the new launches, communication around the products was unclear and challenging. It was evident that the brand managers and the marketing team were not speaking the same language in terms of marketing or branding terminology.  This confusion stalled precious momentum as the teams attempted to position and launch the new products. 

To help our client, we conducted a branding workshop with the goal of level-setting around basic branding principles, marketing terminology and providing their teams with templated tools for internal use.

Leadership mandated that attendance was required for all brand managers and marketing team members. The full day workshop began with education and exercises around branding and marketing principles and concluded with a half day of workshop exercises focused on branding their newly-formed product group. We facilitated a SWOT analysis, building a “brand prism” to shape the personality aspects of the product group, and shared how to use a template to develop a brand positioning statement. We also provided a takeaway tool in the form of a customized creative brief to help the brand managers provide the marketing team or their agency partner with the relevant information needed to launch their products.

The session was a big win for the client-agency relationship. It allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in marketing and branding (which built credibility), and to have excellent face-to-face interaction with client leadership, branding and marketing teams. The client has since shared that the tools we provided enabled them to have more structured and productive conversations around new product launches and move into launch material development more quickly. The client is also providing information in a more structured manner when assigning projects to the agency enabling us to begin the work with less questions upfront.