Deep dives into new categories are always a fun adventure. Last summer, our work with the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) granted us the opportunity to learn more about the higher education sector.

In July 2017, TBR and Memphis-based Sullivan Branding launched the “TUITION FREEdom” campaign to engage working adults in a dialogue about beginning, or returning to, college.

The “TUITION FREEdom” campaign is aimed primarily at working and non-working adults, around 25 years of age and older, who may be first-time or returning college students, with an added focus on women. 

Some examples of headlines include “Hey, glass ceiling: Call me hammer,” “I’m a career student. Emphasis on career,” “Nobody puts my future in a corner,” and “I’m skipping a few rungs on my career ladder”.

The “TUITION FREEdom” campaign was deployed across multiple media platforms. Some of the platforms include billboards, digital, mobile, social media, in-theater (movie screens), radio, print and a website. 

We recently entered our work into the 33rd Annual Educational Advertising Awards.  Our work on behalf of TBR won three awards

Gold: “Call Me Hammer” outdoor board

Bronze: “Rank of Returning Student” outdoor board

Bronze: “TuitionFreedom Landing Page” website/digital

Taking the time to take deep dives into new client categories gives you and your colleagues the chance to learn more, be exposed to different techniques and tactics and ultimately produce great work.