Every client wants to have an ad during the early February Sunday night football game, of course. But who really has the budget?

Before you go down that rabbit hole, consider what you are selling. Most likely, you aren’t trying to reach 114.4 million people with your product.  And if you are, do you have an extra $5 million to pay for a 30-second ad, not to mention production costs?

The answer to both questions is likely “no” unless you’re a major beverage or car company. But that doesn’t mean advertising during the event is totally out of reach for you. Local market buys are still very much an option, at a fraction of the cost. Pending your market, you can pay a fraction of the total national price and reach a desired demographic within your geographic profile.

Another thing to consider when making ad buys during this time is not purchasing ad space on another channel. As previously stated, more than 1/3 of the American population is watching the event, so your buy on another station is likely not the best investment.

Whether or not your brand decides to participate nationally or locally, there’s no doubt the big event, the ads and the halftime show will leave people talking for at least a few days.