National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) is an organization that offers hope and help to transplant families by providing fundraising expertise and advocacy, promoting organ and tissue donations, and supporting innovative solutions for lifesaving treatments. As a national nonprofit organization, NFT sought to raise its brand awareness profile and engaged Sullivan Branding to help it rethink how it tells its story to current and potential patients, health care professionals and individual or corporate donors.

Sullivan Branding’s scope of work included discovery and an overall brand refresh. Discovery was crucial to determining how the new brand should be perceived by NFT’s target audiences.

As NFT already suspected, the discovery efforts revealed that the organization had low recognition among patients, health care professionals, donors and foundation/corporate partners. Sullivan Branding used the information gleaned from discovery to define clear goals for the brand, which were to:

  • Resonate with target audiences
  • Symbolically evoke hope and support
  • Be memorable and differentiated from peer organizations
  • Provide opportunities for visual identity expansion


Creative exploration resulted in NFT selecting the following mark and positioning line.

The First Stop for A Second Chance

The mark implies hope and support of patients and could also be perceived as resources coming together to make the patient whole again. The overlap of the shapes in the mark could be interpreted in multiple ways: a comforting angel, a set of welcoming arms, a punctuating sphere that puts the patient in the center or a nod to the Rod of Asclepius medical symbol. The colors convey warmth, hope (pink and yellow) and medical care (blue).  The mark, combined with the typeface, has created a memorable and easily recognizable brand among nonprofit peer groups.

The positioning line speaks directly to what NFT provides — a second chance for patients in need of an organ transplant. But also supports the other goals of the brand such as setting up NFT as a viable resource for health care professionals and building awareness of NFT with foundations and corporate partners.

As a result of the strategic rebranding, NFT has extended its engagement with Sullivan Branding to include developing a national communications plan, incorporating the new brand while rebuilding the NFT website to be responsive and rebranding several collateral pieces.