In 2016, a company best known for its high-quality cooking and home furnishing products recognized a different employee recruitment approach was needed and engaged Sullivan Branding to help break the cycle. The company previously engaged temporary hiring agencies to help staff up for seasonal jobs. Over the years, the company noticed a decline in the caliber of applicants the temp agencies were providing, which translated into less effective day-to-day operation. This ultimately affected the company’s bottom line which drew the company to explore other avenues to attract quality applicants.

Sullivan Branding began the engagement by conducting research to establish qualities the company looked for in seasonal applicants and what potential applicants valued most in those types of positions. Through the development of applicant personas, Sullivan Branding was able to marry job descriptions with potential applicant expectations that included competitive pay, a friendly, safe working environment and flexible schedules.

A goal was set to recruit 1,000 seasonal workers. With that in mind, Sullivan Branding developed a creative campaign and communications plan to reach potential applicants and help the company stand out from other companies also hiring seasonal and part-time employees.

The creative campaign was a whimsical play on words: “The Most Wonderful Job of the Year,” showing, through illustrations, the types of jobs the company was hiring—from warehouse worker to embroiderer. The campaign also sought to reinforce the company attributes that potential applicants would value.

The communications plan carried out the creative campaign through a mix of traditional and digital media buys, direct mail to targeted areas, a referral program, and public relations support to build awareness of job openings and hiring events.

Post launch, analytics showed an increased number of impressions and clicks above and beyond the industry standard, and an increase in the number of online and physical applications received from qualified applicants.

The success of the 2016 recruitment campaign paved the way for the company to greenlight expansion of the campaign for 2017. Sullivan Branding looks forward to developing new campaign assets and recommending additional communication vehicles to continue efforts in recruiting qualified candidates.