Creating “We Own Big Tobacco” — A Prevention Movement Led By Gen Z

While nationwide tobacco use is falling slightly among Gen Z, the number of young people in Tennessee using tobacco is far higher than the national average. What’s more, with vaping on the rise, the number of new tobacco users is spiking across the state.  While young people know tobacco is “bad” for their health, they don’t react well to being lectured on the topic. Like past generations, Gen Z wants a seat at the table and demands to be heard. The difference is, with technology and social media, their power to drive change is unmatched. This campaign taps into that power.

The “We Own Big Tobacco Campaign” doesn’t talk down to the members of this audience or try to teach them a lesson. It respects their intelligence, gives them a real voice in the fight against the tobacco products that are sickening their state and – most important – it gives them true ownership of the mission.