We’ve all had it happen. You go to a site and, all of a sudden, an ad starts blaring in the background and you have to scroll to find where it’s playing to make it stop.

Starting mid-February, Google Chrome will start blocking all non-compliant ads like this. Google is part of the Coalition for Better Ads, which is on a mission to make using the internet a better experience for all. 

These (and others) are the type of ads that Google is looking to block. The ad experiences that are discouraged is a pretty simple list. Here are a few desktop examples:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Autoplay video with sound
  • Ads that block the user from viewing content for a period of time (prestitial) until countdown finishes to close the ad

On mobile, Google is looking to block:

  • Ads that cover more than 30% of the screen
  • Full screen takeover ads

We avoid using them in the first place since we don’t want our ads to be a nuisance and ineffective for our clients. But if you are using any of these tactics, there will be a warning issued in order for you to change the ad so it abides by all the guidelines within Google Chrome. 

We are looking forward to seeing how Google will enforce these standards and what the user experience will look like across multiple sites.