Sullivan Branding has been working with Memphis-based national nonprofit National Foundation for Transplants for more than 18 months, from the discovery and research phases through the new brand look and positioning, and the communications plan set to launch June 1 – and everything in between.

The need for messaging was big – organization awareness, organization understanding and empathy for their constituents. This isn’t your average not-for profit fundraising campaign. The first steps are creating an understanding and establishing a need. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, 114,997 patients currently need a lifesaving organ transplant. The pre-and post-surgery care, in addition to the surgery itself, is expensive. According to Milliman Research Report 2017, a heart transplant costs approximately $1,383,000. While insurance plays a role for many, transplants can be financially daunting for anyone and post-transplant, a patient faces a lifetime of medical costs.

With the high costs, a lot of patients are priced out of a life-saving transplant. National Foundation for Transplants’ fundraising model includes both assisting patients in organizing fundraising campaigns to help cover medications, surgeries and other costs associated with their own organ transplants,  and establishing a general fund available to others in overcoming financial hardships associated with organ transplants.

Our team got to work, turning a mission into a movement. A new identity, a new website, a nationwide ad buy, including digital and social media assets, and public relations/community outreach efforts are all live now under the rallying cry “Join Operation Second Chance.” It is derived from National Foundation for Transplants’ new tagline, The First Stop for a Second Chance.

Be on the lookout for the campaign and check out some of the artwork and website here.