everything matters

Why are you here? To leave no mark? Make no difference? Do what everyone else is doing because everyone else is doing it?

Yeah, neither are we.

Products on the shelf are great, but products on the map are better. Joining the conversation is essential, but leading the conversation is transformative. Let’s craft a strategy that separates and elevates you in the marketplace. Let’s build a campaign that excites, engages and compels your audience. Let’s set business-focused metrics. Let’s blow away growth-focused benchmarks.

Let’s build a brand that matters.

Because if anything matters, then everything does.

commitment to diversity

Sullivan is a creative part of our community, offering valued services that help our clients achieve their business goals. But our community overall is only as strong as its individual members, like Sullivan. A critical measure of a community strength and potential is the fairness, opportunity, sensitivity and inclusiveness available to all residents and guests. Every individual or group of individuals must play a role. It is in this spirit that Sullivan pledges its diversity commitment.



At Sullivan, our full-service agency is built on a core belief: Everything Matters. This guiding principle drives our 35-person team to deliver end-to-end, multi-platform solutions for the regional, national and global brands we call our clients.


fully integrated

Account Planning

Getting immersed in your business, understanding your audience, analyzing the research — and leveraging our process to develop a strategy that separates and elevates your brand —  is how we begin.


Through traditional and non-traditional content, integrated across all platforms required, we get your strategy off the page, transform it into an own-able creative idea and put it to compelling work out in the world.

Brand Identity

Employing a process that combines strategic research and creative exploration, we develop new and updated brand identities. This includes logo design, identity systems (from signage to stationery) — along with brand standards and guidelines.


Annual reports, collateral materials, trade show and event elements, physical retail spaces — our design capabilities are among the many competencies that enable us to offer true, end-to-end marketing solutions to clients.


Be it a website, e-commerce platform or content-rich online campaign, our strategists, designers and developers bring your brand to powerful life in the digital world — and are there to keep it fully optimized.

Internal Culture

Now, more than ever, external brand success depends on internal brand culture. Our expertise developing internal brand campaigns, culture initiatives and training programs helps you unleash the brand-building power of your employee base — as well as attract and retain the best talent.

Media Planning

Whether earned, owned, borrowed or paid, our media team is comprised of experts who craft plans that leverage the potential of integrated campaigns and maximize your results. Expert negotiators, they ensure your brand is in good hands and your budget is deployed wisely.

Public Relations

In the marketing world, few outcomes rival the power of a non-paid, third-party endorsement — and our PR team is expert at bringing your story to life through non-paid media. Key competencies include brand and product publicity, thought leadership initiatives and crisis communications.


As broad as they are deep, our capabilities include insight-rich quantitative research and validation-focused qualitative research along with other key modalities, including observational, undercover, immersive and ethnographic research. Our agency-led team and best-in-class external resources ensure brands can make big decisions based on the highest quality intelligence.

Social Media

We develop social media marketing strategies and programs that drive engagement and create community, broadening your brand’s influence and deepening consumer loyalty — especially among hard-to-reach, highly specific groups.

our leadership
Brian Sullivan
Partner, CEO
Amy Sharp
EVP, Operations & Marketing
Keith Goldberg
Partner, Executive Creative Director
Becky Hensley
EVP, Director of Account Service
Ralph Berry
SVP, Public Relations
Kate Metcalf
VP, Account Planning
Kayla Earwood
Director, Digital